This statement is in response to a misleading article published in The Times, attributed to David Byers on Saturday 27th April.

The article wrongly described Phil Manley as ‘tax adviser’ to the Loan Charge Action Group. Mr Manley holds no formal role with either LCAG or the Loan Charge APPG, nor has he ever been appointed to any such role and no such roles exist or have existed. It is disappointing that Mr Byers did not contact the Loan Charge Action Group (LCAG) for a comment, a courtesy seemingly always offered to HMRC.

LCAG has no appointed tax advisers and no financial links with any advisers or firms. LCAG has not, and will not, endorse or recommend any companies or schemes seeking to circumvent the Loan Charge. We are a campaign group with the sole purpose of campaigning to raise awareness of and seek change to this disproportionally

It is clear that there is a concerted effort to seek to discredit those opposing the Loan Charge, especially following the exposé of serial attempts to mislead MPs and journalists. The Loan Charge Action Group is committed to continuing to expose the campaign of misinformation by HMRC and will persist in raising awareness of further attempts to mislead, as well as continuing to campaign against the Loan Charge. We will do so regardless of attempts to cover up the truth through unfounded and misleading smears by those who would rather we did not.

Loan Charge Action Group
29th April 2019