MP Briefing Documents

  1. Loan Charge General Briefing (February 2023) – Updated briefing document for you to use with your MP.
  2. Loan Charge General Briefing (June 2022) – Updated briefing document for you to use with your MP.
  3. Loan Charge General Briefing (March 2020) – This briefing provides a full overview of the Loan Charge and is ideal for a an MP who is not yet familiar with the issue.
  4. Briefing on the Morse Review (March 2020 update) – This briefing goes into much more depth on the Morse Review findings and goes into some depth on the key finding. This paper should not be taken to a first meeting with an MP who is unfamiliar with the issue.

LCAG would recommend that only one of these papers is taken to an MP meeting plus a copy of your impact statement. Your impact statement should describe what impact the Loan Charge has had or will have on you and should not be longer than 2 sides of A4. MPs are very busy people and you will surprised how quickly your time slot is over. The papers are designed to get across the maximum amount of information in the quickest time.

The Loan Charge Action Group supports members to visit their MPs though a team of members who volunteer their time. The incredible support from well over 200 MPs is a result of the hard work of LCAG members both lobbying their own MPs and assisting others.

Please email and call your MP today and ask for a meeting.

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The Loan Charge Action Group has been formed to raise awareness of the retrospective tax charge introduced by HM Government in the 2017 Budget.

Please note, we do not provide any form of chargeable service or professional advice.

Our mission is to:

Inform the tens of thousands of individuals impacted, most of whom are as yet unaware of its existence and devastating impact.

Build a community where affected individuals can find information and support.

Engage with politicians and the media to raise awareness of the devastating impact this legislation will have on individuals their families and our communities.

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