On Wednesday 24th October, LCAG campaigners are descending on Westminster to take part in a mass lobby, to protest at Westminster and to meet MPs to get the message across that the 2019 Loan Charge is wrong, unfair and will have disastrous consequences.

Why should I come along?

The Victims Lobby Day is your chance to show our MPs the human cost of this punitive legislation. By coming together as a group, we are making it clear to those policy makers that we will not tolerate this damaging charge and that change must happen. It is an opportunity for us to put our side of the story across directly and to show the devastation that the Loan Charge will potentially have on ordinary, hard-working families. We would strongly encourage anyone impacted by the Loan Charge to join the protest.

How do I get involved?

In order to help us coordinate the effort, please send an email to masslobbyingdaynonmember@hmrcloancharge.info to let us know that you will be attending. We will provide you with an information pack to help you engage with your MP prior to the event and keep you informed of new developments as the day approaches.

What time does it start and where do we meet?

The plan is to congregate outside the Houses of Parliament at 10:45am on Wednesday 24th October. We realise that some will only be able to attend part of the day, the key thing is to attend some of it, especially, if possible, the protest at 11am, but any time is worthwhile.