Stop the Loan Charge, Save Lives! Protest Day – 27th February


On Wednesday 27th February 2019, LCAG campaigners are descending on Westminster to take part in a mass demonstration and lobby. They will protest at Westminster and meet MPs to get the message across that the 2019 Loan Charge is retrospective, unfair and will have disastrous consequences.

Why should I come along?

The Demonstration and Lobby Day is your chance to show the government that they can’t get away with this punitive legislation. By coming together as a group, we are making it clear to those policymakers that we will not tolerate this damaging charge and that change must happen. The first Lobby Day last October was the start of real impact in Parliament. We now have the Loan Charge APPG who will be taking evidence from witnesses affected by the Loan charge on this day. They are going in to battle for YOU so come and stand shoulder to shoulder with them as they do so.

How do I get involved?

Just turn up at 10:45 am on the 27th of February. We will meet in Parliament Square: map here

You can use this opportunity to lobby your MP. There will be a template email (sent to your registered LCAG email address) for you to send to ask them to meet you in Westminster.

We’ll be demonstrating from 11 am, you can enter Westminster and meet your MP or leave a green card (green card details here

Details for the day

  • Meet in parliament square around 10:45 am
  • Get yourself kitted out for the lobbying – see an LCAG marshal (in hi-vis jackets) and grab a badge, balloon, placard, banner etc.
  • We’ll be demonstrating from 11 am to catch the MPs going into Houses of Parliament (HoP)
  • There will be photos taken and tweeting to be done
  • If you’re meeting your MP make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get into the HoP as there’s airport-style security
  • There will be more photos at HMTreasury at 12.15
  • Anyone can enter the Houses of Parliament, if your MP hasn’t arranged to meet you, you can leave a Green card for them to see if they’ll meet you on the day
  • There’s a café inside Houses of Parliament and you can grab some lunch and have a chat with other members
  • At 4 pm, we will gather at Downing Street with our banners and placards
  • At 4.30 2 LCAG families and our photographer will enter Downing Street to hand in the children’s letter to no. 10

There will be LCAG volunteer marshals in hi-vis jackets with STOP the Loan Charge badges to help and direct you throughout the day, please come and hand your children’s letters into them before 4 pm.