LCAG has three core objectives:

  1. Raising awareness

At LCAG we are acutely aware that HMRC has failed to inform the vast majority of scheme users that their arrangements ’do not work’, and that they will soon be subject to the 2019 Loan Charge. With this in mind, we have been successful in contributing to numerous high profile articles in national broadsheets as well as having several pieces published in industry-specific press.

Our aim is to challenge and change the narrative that has been pushed by HMRC, shining a light on the lies and propaganda that both they and the Government have used to conflate the terms ‘avoidance’ (tax planning, legal) and ‘evasion’ (criminal) and label honest hardworking freelancers as ‘tax dodgers’.

  1. Support

It’s a pretty appalling fact that many people affected by the loan charge feel that this is causing them extreme anxiety and depression.

Whilst LCAG is not able to offer a counseling service, as an organisation we do provide an empathic ear, to everyone affected by this cruel and unjust situation, and we are happy to speak with anyone finding it hard to cope emotionally because of this.

You are not alone, we are here to provide as much support as we can. If things seem insurmountable or you are having difficulty coping and would like to speak to someone from LCAG, you can contact us by texting ‘LCAG HELP’ to 81025. Someone will get back to you promptly during the daytime; if you text at night, someone will call you the following day.

  1. Initiating change

Along with raising awareness and providing support, LCAG are working tirelessly to initiate change. We want the Government to modify the Loan Charge legislation so that it is applicable prospectively rather than retrospectively.

We are under no illusion, we know that this is a big task!

The only way to affect this type of change is to obtain sufficient political support so that HMRC and the Treasury have to listen. We have an ally in Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd who sponsored an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to review the Loan Charge. At the time of writing the EDM now has support from 79 cross party MPs. These MPs are calling on the Government to recognise that HMRC has overstepped the mark and that an urgent review of both its operation and management is needed to ensure that it delivers a modern efficient tax system that is fit for purpose and fair for all.

To this end, contacting and talking to your MP is absolutely essential in getting the message across and garnering additional support. LCAG has a wealth of information and assistance to provide in this regard.


LCAG’s aim is to provide support and guidance wherever it is needed.

Regardless of your industry sector, whether you are impacted by IR35, CEST or the Loan Charge, whether you work for the private or public sector, we offer a community that will support you and help you fight the hostile and undemocratic tax system that is persecuting freelancers across the United Kingdom.

The Loan Charge Action Group has been formed to raise awareness of the Retrospective tax charge introduced by HMG in the 2017 Budget.

A single action can make all the difference, so please join us today.

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March 2018

As I am writing this I do not know what will happen to my family when the Loan Charge comes into play next year. My husband will be bankrupt and we will lose our family home.

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