What has happened already

To expedite the tax take, HMRC issued many individuals with Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs). These demand tax up-front while any queries or challenges are dealt with, often with incorrect ‘eye watering’ amounts. There are heavy penalties in not paying on-demand, with interest accumulating if not paid on time. There is no appeal process.

Some people have had to make irreversible decisions, selling their homes, releasing equity in them, effectively imprisoning them in their homes with high interest charges, cashing in pensions and taking out massive commercial loans (where they can) to pay the unsubstantiated tax. Yes this is the UK!!!!

The decimation it is causing is taking the people out of the effective workforce through mental depression, family break-up, bankruptcy and inability to continue to take such massive tax risk by continuing to work. If you are affected by this and need to speak to someone please contact us >> link to support

More specifically, it sets the precedent for;

  • Retrospective/active “opportunity” taxation; the period of retrospection has changed from 1999 to 2010, but it is still retrospective
  • targeting one-off tax legislation, picking off groups based on generalised information without reference to the individual circumstance
  • Allowing HMRC to transfer the responsibility for payment of tax from one party to another where HMRC fail to collect from the legally responsible person.
  • Normalises evolving and ever changing rules resulting from court cases, so tax payers will never have the certainty of having paid all their taxes.
  • Ostracising and decimating the lives of the “representative” tax payers, by subsequent grouping and application of court rulings en-masse,
  • Aggressive tax collection without impunity, and overriding the critical protection bestowed on tax payers for generations.

The inability to deal with this situation over the decades, together with the increasingly aggressive stance with tax payers by “frightening” them into payment, presents a picture of the HMRC being ineffectual tax collection agents for the Nation, with mis-information selling and processing similar to that of PPI crisis.

This is backfiring, reducing the Treasury returns these people provided, and removing their experience from the resource pool many UK companies have thrived upon.

More needs to be done. See what the LCAG are doing, how we can help you, and how to make your voice count