Where are we now

The European Human Rights laws ruling against backward-looking confiscation and the 2011 Government policy that only in exceptional circumstances could tax changes be applied, seem to have been disregarded, as plans used by thousands with the HMRC’s knowledge are far from exceptional.

Those individuals trying to earn a living in order to support/care for families have been left to pick up the ticket for the opportunist professionals promoting these schemes, together with the related companies who have disappeared, and HMRC’s inaction in chasing the companies responsible for paying the relevant tax and stopping the practice.

Individuals participating in these arrangements were, and continue to be, assured by professionals and advisers around the schemes that they are valid, with employers completing the relevant P11D’s and individuals’ self-assessments in line with the HMRC guidelines, and including relevant DOTAS and any loan taxable benefits. Many younger participants were, and are still, being ensnared early on, leading to tax debts that are likely to curtail their entrepreneurial careers and what they have to offer to the country.